Using marketing tricks for your baby pics

Photographers specialising in baby and child portraits are ten-a-penny these days and if you want your photography business to stand out from the rest, you’ll need to pull out all the stops to attract new business.

The trend for new-born baby photos is strong and getting stronger. A crucial element of successful baby photography is marketing – not just taking great photos – but having a well-thought out marketing strategy and an effective online presence.

Where to start? There’s a wealth of different things you can do to market your baby photos but it’s important to remember that most successful portrait photographers find that the majority of their business comes through recommendations and word of mouth. Give your existing customers a set of referral cards with their finished photos and offer them incentives to encourage referrals. Why not offer a discount off their next order or a gift voucher? These are just a couple of ways to help them remember you when they’re talking to friends or family.

Where there are babies there are mums and mums love photos of their babies! A great way to tap into this potentially lucrative market is to market your photography services to local nurseries, playgroups, mother and toddler groups and primary schools.   Well-designed business cards are relatively cheap to produce and can prove very effective plus they can also be handed out with every order you send out, or at events and networking groups.  This is a great way to display your pics, by the way.

Why not think about running a competition for a free photo session? Again this can be targeted at local nurseries, playgroups etc and could be run along the lines of asking children to draw pictures on a specific theme such as ‘my new baby brother or sister’ with the winner receiving a free photo session. This is an incredibly useful way to raise your profile whilst collecting names and email addresses to build up a potential customer database for marketing your future campaigns.

Make the most of social marketing as yet another way to target local customers: set-up a Facebook page for your business – make sure you use your best photos – and then use the page to interact with your customers and invite all your friends to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your page to help spread the word about your business.  You could also use video for social media to display slideshows of your work.

Other great places to target for marketing purposes include hair salons, doctors’ surgeries, baby and children’s wear shops and even local supermarkets. Leave a small stack of business cards and make sure you call in periodically to leave more cards.

A great looking website is another excellent place to start but the look of the website alone won’t make it a success. No matter how stylish or beautiful your website, it’s not worth having unless your potential customers can find it easily on one of the search engines. A page one ranking is brilliant but to be ranked at number one is the icing on the cake and for your website to rank highly, you’ll need to put in time and effort. The internet is home to a wealth of search engine optimisation tips and advice but if you’d prefer the support of a professional digital marketing company, most offer a range of services designed to meet the marketing budgets of most small businesses.

Last and by no means least, make sure you know your target market inside out. You need to know how old they are, how much they’re prepared to spend, what they’re interested in and what makes them tick. Where and how can you reach them? There’s no right and wrong answers about how and where you market your baby photography business as it all depends on who your clients are.

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