A Day in the Life of a Modern Wedding Photographer.

credit nem youth www.freestockimages.com

The role of the Leeds Wedding Photographer has definitely undergone changes over the decades.

Gone are the days where wedding photographers used to turn up 30 minutes before the ceremony and leave about an hour afterwards having taken around 70 pictures. Nowadays a 10-hour working day is more the norm, shooting upwards of 2000 images. A modern wedding photographer has to be a dab hand at still-life photos, fashion pictures, reportage, event-style pics. low-light photography, flash photography and much more…And they have to be good at diplomacy too– just in case they encounter Bridezilla and her mother or inebriated father.

A day shooting a wedding can be strenuous, and a photographer who faints due to lack of food and water and is no good to anyone. Quite often you can be on the road at breakfast-time and be shooting non-stop until the wedding breakfast which can often be around 3.30pm. You’ll need to be taking fluids during the day and have made preparations for food, as often there won’t be any laid on for you. You will also need to consider what to wear. A suit, shirt and tie may look smart but could leave you sweaty and uncomfortable or with blisters on your feet. Make sure you look smart but that you are dressed for function! Take money for parking meters and at least have a plan of where you are going. Finally, don’t forget that your kit is worth too much to leave it lying around unattended as a temptation to thieves.

And it’s not just a booking for the day of the wedding. The couple may want a pre-wedding engagement shoot, and increasingly post-wedding trash the dress or cherish the dress’ shoots, where they wear their dress again for some amazing set-up fashion-style pictures, perhaps standing in a stream or field of sunflowers. Remember those 2000 pictures you took? All these need editing processingand then presenting.

In the celebrity media focused age, the bride-to-be will of course have heard of things like password-protected web galleries, online print ordering, proof books and photo books, parents’ albums and canvas prints.

And did we mention the small matter of taking technically excellent, brilliant photos, timeless photos…..

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